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NAGIX: Efficiently and automatically transforms large volumes of documents into fully UA-compliant PDFs

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NAGIX - unique advantages

Efficiently transform huge volumes of documents into UA-Compliant PDFs

NAGIX features a revolutionary and robust automatic accessibility technology which enables a visually-impaired individual to produce for himself or herself an accessible version of any document, instantly; NAGIX makes it possible to easily produce accessible templates for all types of organizational forms, fast and efficiently.

NAGIX's is a proven solution, used by leading banks and other organizations

NAGIX’s is a proven solution, having transformed millions of documents into UA-Compliant PDFs over the past years; The solution’s architecture features two design components for the user’s convenience, including web designer and desktop designer and the most powerful and advanced accessibility engine of its kind.

NAGIX makes it possible for organizations to comply with laws and regulations

NAGIX provides UA-Compliant accessible PDFs which meet the principle of inclusion, which states that any customer document be made accessible for the benefit of visually-impaired individuals, upon request, immediately, at a touch of a button! NAGIX’s automatic technology enables to meet this standard.

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