GLASSIX - omnichannel communication system for centers

With GLASSIX, customers access your service and sales reps immediately and directly using the channel of their choice: WhatsApp, Messenger, online Chat, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, SMS, phone, and more.

GLASSIX is an omnichannel digital communication platform that enables customers to establish direct communication and interaction with an organization’s representative through a variety of channels and platforms—smartphones, tablets, and PCs, thus providing them with an innovative, fast and effective customer service experience.

Developed as the first-of-its-kind ‘Omnichannel switchboard, ’ GLASSIX enables your reps to serve multiple clients simultaneously, switch between channels in-session, send instructional videos, photos, user guides and digitally-signed forms in real-time, and much more.

A single rep can concurrently serve several customers

GLASSIX's features

GLASSIX's reports and dashboard

The System’s management interface enables the call center’s managers to monitor all agents’ activities, analyze SLA-compliance, gain insight regarding frequent issues and problems affectig customer satisfaction and more.