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Doxi is an advanced digital signature system for optimizing the round of signatures and approvals of organizational documents - purchase orders, agreements, contracts, invoices and more. Doxi makes it possible to create, within seconds, a round of signatures for any organizational document and distribute the document to the smart phones and computers of the participants in the round.


NAGIX is Consist's advanced accessible document system solutions that automatically and efficiently transforms large volumes of documents into fully accessible PDFs, in compliance with the strictest regulations which apply to the rights of people with visual disabilities.


A smart, AI-based Voice Bot & Chat Bot solution enabling organizations to automate a variety of operational processes Maximizes customer experience and retention while minimizing expenses


A multi-channel digital service system that allows the organization to maintain direct contact with its customers in all their preferred channels, and to provide an innovative, fast and effective service experience. The system allows, for example, to divert phone calls from the organization's center to a chat conversation, thus minimizing waiting times for a representative, saving costs and maximizing the customer experience.

PB Digital

PB Digital software makes the design, management of business documents and their distribution a very efficient and simple process. PB Digital software saves large organizations large operating costs and enables maximum operational flexibility by producing and sending dynamic documents. The PB Digital software presents a set of business benefits for business organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, communication service providers, retail chains, health care providers, government and any organization whose business activity relies on an efficient document management and distribution procedure.

About Consist

Consist Systems & Technologies is part of the Consist Software Solutions Worldwide Group. Founded in 1972, Consist is a leading high-tech and business information technology company headquartered in New York which operates offices and development centers in Israel, Germany, South America, Mexico, Spain and the United States. The global group employs over 1000 professionals and has thousands of customers in dozens of countries worldwide.

Consist Systems & Technologies in Israel has more than 1500 customers in EMEA, including leading companies in nearly all sectors of the economy: Israel’s largest banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, energy companies, healthcare centers and organizations, retail and supermarket chains, dozens of government offices and municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, leading academic centers and many more.

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